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July 13, 2000
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Agenda: 2

  1. Approval of last week's minutes and this week's agenda. 
  2. Announcements and New Business. 
    1. Introduce new guests 
    2. Cliff Joslyn speaking next week 
    3. Pat Lincoln's discussion with Werner Schaer 
  3. Continued discussion of e-mail vector. 2A

Present: 3

Armstrong, Eric - TreeLight 
Bowman, Grant - SuSE, Inc. 
Coppernoll, Mary - Bootstrap Institute 
Deneen, John - Astounding 
Engelbart, Doug - Bootstrap Institute 
Hurd, Jim - Hurd & Associates 
Iverson, Lee - SRI International 
Kim, Eugene - Freelance Writer/Consultant 
Laderoute, Keith - SRI International 
Liu, Howard - VerticalNet 
Williams, Joe - Williams Publications. 3A

Minutes: 4




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