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RE: Another such tool: Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Mind mapping tool

At 08:15 29/10/2002 -0500, albert.m.selvin@verizon.com wrote:


Actually the RDF component as it currently stands is the work of Simon
Buckingham Shum's group at the Knowledge Media Institute at the OU/UK, part
of the CoAKTinG project (http://www.aktors.org/coakting), as is the Jabber

Yes -- Compendium is now integrated with instant messaging clients on the open source Jabber protocol [http://www.jabber.org]. We basically use the Jabber server as a handy transport for passing around XML between collaboration tools. Now you can send a Dialog Mapping/Compendium node (typically, a Question) as an instant message for a quick response from someone not at the meeting, who can then reply (e.g. an answer/a pro or con, or a URL) and if approved, this becomes a node in the map. (On enhanced IM, see BuddySpace, a Java Jabber client just released, with customisable visualization maps of your IM contacts: http://kmi.open.ac.uk/projects/buddyspace)

Decisions in a Compendium map can also be passed as new Issues to I-X Process Panels [http://i-x.info/ip2/] which handle distributed workflow/coordination issues out of the meeting that Compendium doesn't address.

A longer term goal of the project is to record the AV of virtual meetings (eg in Netmeeting or on the Access Grid), and then navigate around this using Compendium nodes as indices into the stream (e.g. show me the discussion preceding the creation of this Decision node...).