[unrev-II] To All Colloquium On-campus Attendees

From: Peter P. Yim (yimpp@cim-oem.com)
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 19:35:48 PST

This message [slightly edited now] was sent out on 1.5.2000 to all
colloquium attendees registered for on campus attendance. I'm posting it
again, as it contains pertinent information for all on campus attendees.


Subject: Engelbart Colloquium at Stanford - Session#1 - Jan 6,'00
   Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 16:10:14 -0800
   From: Engelbart Colloquium Admin2 <colloquium2@bootstrap.org>
Organization: Bootstrap Institute

To : All registered attendees and guests for the Jan 6,'00 seminar and

Dear Colloquium Attendees and Guests,

Happy New Year!

This serves as a reminder that the Engelbart Colloquium will be opening
tomorrow. You have all been properly registered, and your name badges
(which also serves as your "pass" to tomorrow's and other sessions of
the colloquium) will be waiting for you at the door there.

The first seminar, " The Next Frontier - How Big is Big? " will be in
session tomorrow afternoon at lecture theater Thornton 102, 4:00-6:30pm.
Please refer to "help in finding the place" below if you need to.

Since the colloquium is also delivered as a live broadcast and a live
webcast, we will have to treat the venue very much like a broadcast
studio (which it is). Doors to the lecture theater (Thornton 102) will
be closed 5 to 10 minutes before the session starts, and will stay
closed until the intermission. Therefore, please be there early, say, 20
minutes beforehand, to get your badge. The registration desk at the door
will be open by 3:30pm.

As we are broadcasting and are capturing the entire colloquium and its
extended activities on video, onto the Internet, etc., for archival,
reference and various other purposes, your participation is subject to
the terms and conditions on the "Permission to Use" release (see
<http://www.bootstrap.org/colloquium/permission.html>) which each
participant accepts to grant. Please ensure that they are acceptable to
you before you join us at the colloquium.

You have been invited by Doug Engelbart to the VIP Reception at the
Stanford Faculty Club right after the seminar. The reception will be
held at the Gold Room of the Faculty Club between 7:00-9:00pm tomorrow
evening. It will be within walking distance from the lecture theater.

We look forward to seeing you at the colloquium and the reception.

Best regards,

Engelbart Colloquium Admin.

P.S. You may already be aware that responses to the colloquium has
been very encouraging. Therefore, if for any reason, that you cannot
come to this or any other session that you have registered for, please
do let us know by e-mail so that we can provide that seat to someone who
is on waiting list.

P.S.2 Despite our best efforts to just invite to the seating capacity,
we are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for the opening session. We could
end up having more people than what can be handled in Thorton.
Therefore, after the Thornton seating is filled (on a
first-come-first-served basis), we may have to put people who arrives
later into another room, where live video feed will be piped into. So,
do come early.

If you are unfamiliar with where the Thornton building is, please refer
to the map at <http://www.bootstrap.org/colloquium/map1.jpg>. To get to
the Stanford campus, you might like to review the directions provided by
SCPD, which can be found at
<http://scpd.stanford.edu/contact/directions.html>. Thornton is on the
other side of Terman Engineering from Durand Building (where SCPD's
direction points you to). You may want to park either at Parking
Structure 2 on Panama Street, or, better still, at the open Parking Lot
across from Tressider Union (which is right across from the Faculty
Club; that way, your car will be close by when you come out of the
reception). As we all know, parking on the Stanford campus can be
problematic at times, so please give yourself ample time to park and to
get to the lecture theater.

See you tomorrow!


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