[unrev-II] Acceleration of Application of New Knowledge

From: Ken G. Brown (kbrown@tnc.com)
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 15:22:02 PST

From: "Ken G. Brown" <kbrown@tnc.com>

It seems to me that one of the best things about the internet is that
it has allowed the dissemination of new knowledge at a much faster
rate than previous mechanisms, to a large degree because of the low
costs involved. A far wider audience is reached when the costs are

Taking this a step further, I think one of the best things that could
be done to further accelerate the speed that knowledge is put to use
would be to drastically reduce the costs to acquire university level
courses, preferably to free, and present them on-line as is being
done for Unrev-II. A living expense allowance should be provided
which would be non-repayable on successful completion of studies.

How many people do you know that are smart cookies but are working at
some mindless job, or at least working far below their capabilities,
just to make ends meet? Their talents often could be much more fully
utilized if they had a way to live a decent life while furthering
their education without incurring penalties of massive debt. This
would be of ultimate benefit to society by reducing the time to
respond to the rapid changes that are occurring. And many of these
people would then be enabled to make yet more fantastic discoveries.

    Ken G. Brown
Ken G. Brown, BscEE, PEng. email <kbrown@tnc.com>
Box 3973 Phone: 780.986.9097
Leduc, Alberta, Canada T9E 6M8 Fax: 780.986.5299

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