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  A friend of mine who has heard of unrev-II forwarded the
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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 11:57:59 +0100 (MET)
From: Elisabeth Andre <Elisabeth.Andre@dfki.de>

*** Call for Participation ***


Submission Deadline 29th of March 2000

AAAI Fall Symposium, 3-5 November, Sea Crest Resort, North Falmouth,

The highly interdisciplinary area of Socially Intelligent Agents
has attracted a number of active researchers who model, design and
analyse agents (software or robotic) which behave socially. Much of
this work is strongly inspired by forms of natural social intelligence
characteristic of humans. This symposium will address recent
technological, methodological and theoretical developments in the
field of Socially Intelligent Agents (SIA's), as well as discuss
social and cultural issues, and limitations and problems of Socially
Intelligent Agents. A focus will be the issue of the 'human-in-the-

Both agents and humans can have different roles during agent-human
interaction, e.g. as designers, users, observers, assistants,
collaborators, competitors, customers, or friends. The symposium will
concentrate primarily on socially intelligent agents that are either
directly interacting with humans, showing aspects of human-style
intelligence, supporting interaction among humans and/or modelling
explicitly aspects of human social intelligence. The symposium
will focus on four Key Themes for which considerations of the
'human-in-the-loop' are crucial. Interdisciplinary approaches are
particularly encouraged.

The symposium will comprise keynote talks, panel discussions and
individual paper presentations, addressing one or several of the
following Key Themes:

1) Connecting to SIA's: architectures and design spaces for SIA's;
innovative user-interfaces, novel environments and new methodologies
for software and robotic agents interacting and collaborating
with humans and facilitating communication and collaboration
between humans; hot approaches (emotional, empathic aspects) and
cold approaches (intention and plan ascription, reasoning etc.);
synchronisation in human-agent dialogue; the role of embodiment in
human-agent interaction; exploiting anthropomorphism; believability
and degrees of agent complexity

2) Learning and playing with SIA's: new applications of social agent
technology in rehabilitation and education; SIA's as instructors,
guides, teachers, assistants and friends; SIA's which support human
creativity and imagination; SIA's in living environments (e.g. at
school, at home, at work, on holiday, at meeting points)

3) Living with SIA's: social agent technology which influences
attitudes/opinions/behaviour; issues of 'social relationships' between
human and agent e.g. helping, competition and cooperation, autonomy
and control, predictability, deception, manipulation, initiative,
delegation, responsibility, conflicts

4) Growing up and evolving with SIA's: social agent technology which
empowers humans, addressing the cognitive and emotional needs of
humans; impact of SIA's on human society and culture; agents adapting
to and supporting cultural diversity; ethical considerations

Submission Information (Deadline 29th of March 2000):
Potential participants are asked to submit a short paper (3 to 5
pages) describing their work in this area. Please send submissions
via electronic mail to Kerstin Dautenhahn at
K.Dautenhahn@cyber.reading.ac.uk. The text can either be submitted
inplain Ascii format (preferred), or the submission can be made
available on a Webpage and the URL is sent via email.

Organizing committee:
     Elisabeth Andre, DFKI GmbH, Germany
     Ruth Aylett, University of Salford, UK
     Cynthia Breazeal, MIT AI Lab, USA
     Cristiano Castelfranchi, Italian National Research Council, Italy
     Justine Cassell, MIT Media Lab, USA
     Kerstin Dautenhahn (Chair), University of Reading, UK
     Francois Michaud, Universite de Sherbrooke, Canada
     Fiorella de Rosis, University of Bari, Italy

For updated information on the symposium see
http://www.cyber.rdg.ac.uk/people/kd/WWW/SIA-2000.html or contact
Kerstin Dautenhahn (K.Dautenhahn@cyber.reading.ac.uk).

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