Re: [unrev-II] Towards a DKR

From: Gerald Pierce (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 15:10:36 PST

From: Gerald Pierce <>

Reader, please read this message then follow my request.

Eric Armstrong, you appear to be a fine and thoughtful man with a streak
of modest nobility.

Reader: Smile briefly to yourself if you agree then delete this message
and forget. It may aid your digestion.

Gerald Pierce qeds

Eric Armstrong wrote: Liberally snipped by GLP

> When the reduction is posted, the original messages are linked to it.
> Those most likely to disagree with the reduction will be those who
> posted some of the originals -- or at least read and understood them.
> That may cause a series of replies and counter-replies, which will
> themselves be replaced by a (hopefully more accurate reduction).
> As an example, a moment ago I sent this message:
> > Jon Winters wrote:
> >
> > > Buckminster Fuller had a bunch of ideas about self contained
> > > communities.
> >
> > Now *there's* a guy who had ideas to burn.
> > Any references spring to mind?
> Ideally, Jan will reply with a couple of references on community
> building. Maybe even some links. That is information we should
> save at a high level in the knowledge hierarchy.
> But note that *my* message is entirely superfluous.
> The second line of the message asks for useful information, but
> delivers none. Clearly, my message is a sterling candidate for
> reduction -- so that we boil out the noise and let the important
> information float to the top.
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