[unrev-II] Composing a META-NIC

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 20:14:05 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com>

Session 6 was great for thinking about a META-NIC strategy.

This set of NICs is probably both necessary and sufficient
to form a functioning, viable, and growing META-NIC:
  * Open Source Development NIC
  * Management (Organization and Coordination) NIC
  * Online Community Building NIC
  * Education NIC

The identification of these four NICs stems from Doug's
"Capability Improvement Infrastructure" diagram, which

   +------------------+ +-----------------+ +---------+
   | Human Systems | | | | Techno- |
   | aka | | C.I.I. | | logy |
   | "Social Systems" |-->| |<--| |
   | ---------------- | | | | |
   | processes | +-----------------+ +---------+
   | procedures | ^
   | ... | |
   +------------------+ +-------v---------+
   | Education |-->| Basic |
   | --------- | | Capabilities |
   | Training | | aka |
   | ... | | "Human Systems" |
   +------------------+ +-----------------+

  * Open Source Development NIC builds the *technology*
    that comprise a Capability Improvement Infrastructure.

  * Management NIC forges the *social systems* (what Doug
    calls the "Human Systems") that comprise a Capability
    Improvement Infrastructure -- the process and procedures
    by which work gets done.

  * Online Community Building NIC builds the communication
    systems and strategies that allow remote collaboration.
    Someday, a DKR may be a completely independent entity
    that can be accessed without help from others. But that
    will require *major* improvements in AI language processing,
    so that the system can translate the user's stated problem
    into a form that can be addressed from within the system.

    In the meantime, it will be human interactions that give
    people the pointers they need to access the repository.
    To take a management example: "How do I start a project?"
    may be answered by an email that gives a pointer into the
    email repository for the document: "Initiating an Open
    Source Development Effort". The email/forum interaction
    takes advantage of Eric Raymond's observation: "Every
    problem is shallow, given enough eyeballs". (Whatever the
    question, someone is sure to have a DKR bookmark handy
    that can be used to answer the question in moments.)

  * Education NIC develops methods for teaching, training,
    and improving the *human systems* (what Doug calls the
    basic human capabilities) that comprise a Capability
    Improvement Infrastructure. (For example: Teaching people
    how to use the technology, how to organize for success,
    and how to work together in a community.

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