[unrev-II] Closing the book on books

From: Henry van Eyken (vaneyken@sympatico.ca)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 14:29:42 PST

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    From: "Henry van Eyken" <vaneyken@sympatico.ca>

    Many wonder whether there will be any books printed and bound by
    2010. But, I guess, that by now many must begin to wonder whether
    there will be any books written at all by 2020. In principle, all
    that is needed is a master editor serving up properly arranged
    strings of links to keep his readership on the straight and narrow.

    When we were younger, we didn't dare spend $5 on a book we wouldn't
    read cover to cover. Now, one may spend $50 on a book and pick out 5
    or 10% for the gist of it, knowing that the gist of it is all we will
    ever be able to remember anyway. Why should we bother keep on buying
    books at all? Sacrilegious thought!

    I know, the new reading won't immediately make great literature as we
    know it, but the adapting mind has done wonders over short periods of
    time ...


    Was watching/hearing a chunk of Hamlet last night. I absolutely
    needed a script to prompt me in correctly hearing the actors' words.
    Language has gone through so much change already.

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