[unrev-II] Life's Outposts

From: Henry van Eyken (vaneyken@sympatico.ca)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 06:49:21 PST

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    From: "Henry van Eyken" <vaneyken@sympatico.ca>

    During Session 8B, some discussion evolved about the slide (No. 30)
    "Outposts on the Co-Evolutionary Frontier." A specific question put
    by Mr. Jacobs (?) is what'd we do when we get there, to some outpost.

    At this point, it seemed to me that, really, we are on grounds of
    familar unfamiliarity. Throughout our lives we have been acting as
    our very own "C"s before embarking on such "A" activities as pursuing
    a course of studies toward a career, or tentatively first, a pathway
    to a certain band of career opportunities. In secondary schools,
    people already gravitate quite speculatively toward arts or science
    or manual skills or waiting to get married. Somewhat later in life,
    people tie themselves to what really is one heck of an outpost,
    selecting a partner for life, i.e. for a future way beyond
    20-year-range scenarios. Then comes the buying of insurance policies
    (how much for what?).

    What we here call co-evolution for the maintenance of common
    understanding has traditionally been avoided or diminished by tying
    evolution to fenceposts so it wouldn't gallop away from tradition, to
    avoid having things get out of hand. Understanding remained common
    because change was avoided.

    But career and family life have been changing. Where once we were
    told by authority or guided by role models about a career, we now use
    HPAT in the form of career counsellors. Where once family life was
    guided by spiritual advisors, we moved on to marriage counsellors and
    Dr. Spock, Dr. Schlessinger, Oprah, and Courts of Law.

    And like the jump from 20-year to 50-year projections, things get
    vaguer in the diatant haze. With longer life spans with shorter
    durations between perspecitve-coloring events, tradition has entered
    waters increasingly left uncharted for lack of experience.

    In terms of our Colloquium, I wonder whether we have failed by
    letting tradition be an "A" activity. One wonders what bootstrapping
    might do for a return of tradition in a new, improved (A-B-C) form so
    it will return to serving humankind as a comfortable guide throughout
    our lives.

    No, I am not kidding.


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