Re: [unrev-II] Evaluation of Python

From: Markus Fleck (
Date: Sat Mar 25 2000 - 12:10:48 PST

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    From: Markus Fleck <>

    Eric Armstrong:
    > --Any non-zero integer == true, like C
    > (-) Ugh. Too many hours wasted on debugging to
    > find that you coded a=b instead of a==b, like
    > you intended. This one is a time-sink.

    Hmmm... but Python expressions can't have such side effects (like C's "if
    (a=b)"). I really wouldn't consider the zero==false paradigm a misfeature;
    in fact, most CPU implementations treat zero as "false".

    > --No labeled break/continue
    > (-) When you have nested loops, you absolutely need
    > the ability to determine which one you are breaking,
    > continuing.

    I would argue that there might be better ways to structure control flow
    than multi-level loop breaks.

    > --Lambda function [I have a weak grasp on this one, good enough to
    > give an evaluation but not good enough to produce an example.]


    def func(str):
            print str

    is exactly equivalent to:

    func = lambda str: print str

    with the only difference being that you can leave out the binding
    to the "func" name with the "lambda" syntax variant.

    What I like about Python is the impressive amount of free libraries
    and bindings, and the fact that large Python programs remain readable
    and maintainable (unlike with Perl, Java etc.).


    Markus B Fleck - University of Bonn - Germany
    GNU GLUE Groupware Project -
    comp.lang.python.announce Moderator

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