Re: [unrev-II] XML limits (Was: [Fwd: Tepid water ...])

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 21:56:29 PDT

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    Good note, Paul.

    On the bright side, XML has standardized 3 important things that
    needed standardizing:
      * Encodings (ascii-based)
      * Line Endings (newlines -- at least when they hit the program)
      * Markup syntax

    Despite its shortcomings, that base level of interchange-standardization

    is *allowing* for standardized DTDs so that, one day, we can
    actually get where we need to be.

    I'm interesting if *any* encoding system would solve the problems
    you mention. Possibly and object-based system, rather than a data-
    based system?

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