Re: [unrev-II] Combined-Response Messages

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 21:47:06 PDT

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    Rod Welch wrote:
    > Good point. My position my be conflicted. I want the ability to
    > choose whether to maintain a prior version and/or to delete it at any
    > time, which is possible now. I can write up an explanation of
    > changes, the authority and rationale for same, and can plan
    > disposition of any version, linked to relevant parts of a document.
    > Backup provides the ability to retrieve a deleted version, if it
    > should later turn out to be useful for something. The record of work
    > performed provides an audit trail to any version, why it was created
    > and what happened to it. Possibly this is close to what you have in
    > mind, but not sure.
    In the interests of saving space, it must be possible to delete
    old versions on an individual workstation. But the history should
    be maintained always-intact on at least one server, somewhere --
    if only for historical analysis, to answer "why".

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