[unrev-II] How my OHS-related commitment vector is shaping up

From: Doug Engelbart - Bootstrap Institute (doug@bootstrap.org)
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 17:42:00 PDT

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    On the one hand, I've got large, integrated bootstrap framework that will
    stagnate if it doesn't start building up its launch velocity relatively soon.

    And on the other hand, there are opportunities to cultivate explicit proposals
    amongst the people and organizational contacts I've made over the years --
    opportunities which tend to fade with each passing month.

    Several basics prevail:

       Within this framework, an Open-Source evolution of an Open Hyperdocument
       System has the most solid position for a Tool-System "launch foundation."

       And, in parallel, cultivating an appropriate community (or set of
       communities) of pro-active users is a critical adjunct -- towards
       estblishing an effective co-evolution process ASAP within their Human and
       Tool Systems

       Over and over, in evaluating various alternatives about what and whom to
       involve in early launch promotion, what has consistently won out in the
       strategic bootstrapping assessment has been a double, cooperative
       application target:

          Target 1: to aim at supporting the project DKRs of software projects.

          Target 2: to aim at supporting the "meta community's" DKR evolution.

       Consistent with the above, my favored "Target 1" outline is sketched in the
       two-part "Tool-System vector" proposals cited below:

          Part 1: "For Discussion: Early OHS development candidate vector:"

          Part 2: "Vector addition 1:"

    So, I guess I'm announcing an intention to begin actively promoting supportive
    funding and participation for this launch plan.

       Initially targeting SRI as basic organizational platform within and from
       which to start cooperative planning.

          It has good basic position within business, industry, government,
          universities, foundations, professional societies, etc.

          It has appropriate project management infrastructure, and a good, initial
          set of the requisite knowledge, talent, and external connectivity.

          I find supportive interest at important locations and levels, up to &
          including Curt Carlson, the CEO.

       Next week we're having a purposeful visit by Mr. Werner Schaer, CEO of the
       Software Productivity Consortium, whose operations center is in the D.C.
       Area. <http://www.software.org> He arrives in town Monday evening.

          A meeting is scheduled Tuesday morning at SRI with him, Curt Carlson, me
          and at least a couple of SRI staff who could take on responsibilities
          with associated proposals and contracts.

       On May 22 I'll be in D.C. for most of the week, including an all-day session
       invited session at DARPA. That day could well include exploratory
       presentation and discussiion of this proposed "vector." And there are a
       number of other long-time connections which will be explored.

       We have initial possibilities within Sun and IBM from which could evolve
       active participation. And then others, too.

    I'd like to see continuing discussion with this "OHS Team" about its potential
    role in the planning and pursuit of the above launch process.

       One important role would be in developing its own special DKR about basic
       concepts, possibilities, assessments, recommendations, etc. which could
       affect the course of projects and the planned-for application communities.
       A very important need will exist for extensive and deep knowledge
       development about the basics of COllective IQ, DKRs, and about knowledge and
       its development.

       Assessment, critique, sniffing out the nuggets that will emerge in
       surprising places, ...

       Another role could be to actively produce some of the open-source
       innovations. Here it may need to consider how it could evolve a "business
       platform" from which to handle grants, proposals, contracts, and/or to
       provide technical or even operational support.

    And if "collaboration" lives up to the potential with which we seem to be
    anointing it, this seed team could flower into what provides the most effective
    motivation, stimulation, guidance, intellecual basis, ... that bootstrapping
    will find in its future.

    Appreciatively, Doug

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