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From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 11:06:09 PDT

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    John's reference to led to an interesting page:
    which led to another interesting page:
    which leads to another page, this one regarding Gordon Pask, progenitor of
    Conversation Theory -- quite possibly one of the more important lines of
    thinking we should be considering here:
    which leads to a paper by Pangaro that presents a view on Pask's work:

    It is not at all clear where Conversation Theory will lead, but the term
    Entailment Mesh, as illustrated on
    is particularly intriguing. We are working, in some sense, on the social
    construction of knowledge:
    (another page on augumentation of intellect, talking about USENET, Pask, and
    other stuff -- found at Google looking up "entailment mesh").

    Another page: Bootstrapping knowledge representations: from entailment
    meshes via semantic nets to learning webs by Francis Heylighen is particularly
    germain to this line of thinking (read: required reading).

    At its roots, Augment is about enhancing human intellect. Human intellect
    is the topic of raging debates, and I tend to stand with those who follow
    the constructivist line of reasoning. In the end, we must find a way to
    implement Doug's vision and in my judgement, that will require that we
    essentially adopt some mode of representation of knowledge. To get to the
    place where we have chosen a representation scheme, we will need to go
    through a variety of use cases and scenarios as a means to discover the many
    ways in which users will cause their intellect to be enhanced.

    As I see it, Doug has written a lot and spoken widely on his vision for this
    project and we should pay closer attention to his words. My take on them,
    and not a particularly deep one yet, is that he has spent many years dealing
    with the syntactic/physical constraints on an Augment system. He has
    devised a variety of tools (e.g. mouse), methods (click and double click
    combined with keystrokes -- these days known as "accelerators"), and so
    forth. In my naive judgement, Augment spent less time on an internal
    representation scheme that would allow users to manipulate knowledge to
    attain a multitude of views of that knowledge. Doug has focused on the
    Transcoding approach, one which I think will be of great importance to the
    final product.

    Eric, at the last meeting, took a straw vote that showed use cases to be at
    the top of the list, but his vote failed to consider the more than three
    posts to this list regarding Doug's "vector", one which put solving
    Transcoding at the top of the list. I personally believe that usecases and
    transcoding should share the top of the list. Issues of licensing and so
    forth could/should be placed far behind in an agenda. Usecases, and
    transcoding will tell us what we need to fill in for knowledge
    representation, and, in my judgement, we will not get a DKR worthy of our
    efforts unless we do pay attention to the representation issues at hand.
    The URLs listed above are just a tiny view into an enormous space, one with
    which I believe we must become familiar.

    My $0.02
    Jack Park

    From: Eric Armstrong <>

    > "John J. Deneen" wrote:
    > >
    > > 1) Ideas for Use Case Scenarios
    > > Groupware and Corporate Repositories: A Proposal for Leveraging
    > > Intellectual
    > > Capital
    > >
    > >
    > Can you digest what this has to say about use cases that is
    > useful for our purposes?
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