[unrev-II] Towards an Atomic Data Structure

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 00:28:55 PDT

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    You indicate that "Use Case" analysis will explain how technology for the
    OHS/DKR will improve earnings by saving time and money. So far, examples of Use
    Case have seemed remote and esoteric. As well, others today have provided
    excellent explanations of Atomic Data Structures, but the connection with
    performance of daily work remains to be established, which is the ultimate
    purpose of the exercise. Doug calls it handling daily working information.

    To help focus on the issue of augment, here is an example of a simple matter
    getting DSL service up and running, that uses the record to help people align
    their work with requirements and commitments. Can you indicate how this "use
    case" differs from what is expected to be accomplished with the improvements the
    team proposes for the OHS/DKR?

    Another way to frame the issue is that the quality of reasoning can be improved
    by integrating time and information as a predicate to solving difficult world
    problems. It seems likely that before we get to the hard problems, we have to
    first be able to improve how smaller problems can be solved with greater
    dispatch, under Aristotle's rule about the magnifying effect of time on small
    deviations in the beginning. So, how can the following Use Case be improved by
    the OHS/DKR?


    I realize you are busy, so maybe others on the team can help with this issue.


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