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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 13:46:44 PDT

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    Gil Regev wrote:

    > To build on what Jack and Henry have been saying, in Women, Fire, and
    > Dangerous Things, etc, etc
    > The lesson: THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW, and just because
    > another person doesn't see things the same way or understand the same
    > way that you do, does not mean that it's wrong......
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    Loved your comment, Gil, and the humor that went with it. To be frank, I
    am not pleased with myself for having posted that item yesterday. It is
    so much easier to criticize than to build, isn't it? On the other hand,
    it may have been well I did it because of the central statement that the
    same message may very well fit one person's experience and not another.

    I found that, as far as I went in analyzing a document, that line after
    line appeared to be in conflict with how I sense things about language.
    That, basically, is what I wanted to bring out. I was groping for a
    mental entry into the argument presented and thus far failed to make it.
    I think that it is that conflict which caused me to revolt.

    I have difficulty perceiving language as some sort of a bitmap because
    its sources, thoughts, are not akin to bitmaps. They seem more like jpeg
    to me -- highly dynamic jpegs, that is. Putting thought into words
    cannot be, I believe, an accurate one-to-one process because the very
    uttering and structuring of words feeds back into thought, thereby
    altering it, and because language is less dynamic than thought. There is
    a freezing out process. Does this make language more tractably atomic
    than thought? And will it have an atomizing (structuring) effect on the
    thinking of the listener? And, if so, how effective, and for how long?

    As you can see, I am quite lost in this subject, as one may be sure are
    others. I guess, we just have to keep on trying as much as circumstances


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