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Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 14:57:13 PDT

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    Ad hoc networks - formed or used for specific or immediate problems or
    needs, fashioned from whatever is immediately available.

    "Picture a day when a billion people will interact with a million
    e-businesses via a trillion interconnected, intelligent devices"
                                      - Louis V. Gerstner Jr., CEO IBM

    Go forth and explore!
    "The move to pervasive computing -- coupled with the convergence of digital
    technologies into devices of ever changing form factor -- will be defining
    themes early in the next century. Shifting our solution designs first
    towards component-based computing, followed closely by a view of
    architecture unbound by traditional platform constraints, will ensure that
    the applications we build today are ready to support the topologies of

    If pervasive and nomadic computing can be thought of as the realization of
    the goals of ubiquitous computing, then surely they represent a killer
    application of the component concepts!

    Push those component objects beyond the constraints of the network and free
    your users from their desks… who knows what new worlds they may discover as
    they sail off towards the horizon."

    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > That should have been:
    > "The "world" was unable to match the
    > capability of a single person, or even a computer. The system
    > ^^^^^^
    > I'm interested in will allow the "world" to collaborate so
    > effectively that it will manifestly better than either of them.
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