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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 14:55:50 PDT

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    And I would add to the mix that MS has
    killed one category of applications after
    another -- *not* by innovating, but by buying
    one of the competitors in the field and then
    driving all the others into oblivion.

    Many a software vendor has gone out of business
    as result. And the lucky ones that got bought
    had to provide good terms, lest they be one of
    the unlucky ones.

    At one time, they really did a great job with
    interfaces. It feels like they are dropping off
    their own standard recently, though, with less
    consistency and more stuff that is supposedly
    good in theory, but without the testing to prove

    To the degree they earned their position by
    providing value, it is rightfully theirs. But to
    the degree they build their empire by unethical
    business practices, and lined their coffers by
    promoting one solution to the detriment of all
    others, to that degree that have used and abused
    their monopoly position.

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