[unrev-II] Re: Open Source RiSource.org (pronounced "resource") - a Java-based Platform for Information Applications (PIA)

From: John J. Deneen (JJDeneen@ricochet.net)
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 14:26:06 PDT

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    RiSource.org Mission
    "We coordinate the contributions of software developers, both within and
    outside of Ricoh, to the Platform for Information Applications (PIA), a
    software framework that aims to make the creation and maintenance of
    information applications as easy as creating web pages.

    We also provide a place where people who create information applications
    -- information designers, authors, programmers, and others -- can share
    knowledge and collaborate on open source projects.

    RiSource.org supports the Open Source development of customizable web
    applications. Based upon the Platform for Information Applications
    (PIA), an Open Source server technology that replaces CGI scripts and
    embedded programming languages with "active" tags, we are developing
    several individual and group applications such as an Office Forms
    system, a shared Calendar, and a browser-independent bookmark and
    history manager. These applications along with the PIA itself are openly

    I found the PIA link from the Interactive Workspaces Project at Stanford

    ... "We are designing and experimenting with multi-device, multi-user
    environments based on a new architecture that makes it easy to create
    and add new display and input devices, to move work of all kinds from
    one computing device to another, and to support and facilitate group
    interactions. In the same way that today's standard operating systems
    make it feasible to write single-workstation software that makes use of
    multiple devices and networked resources, we are constructing a higher
    level operating system for the world of ubiquitous computing." ...

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