RE: [unrev-II] Another open source document management system

From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 09:33:09 PDT

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    My brain hurts...

    I was reading the XForms homepage when Jack's email about rm -d ms came. So
    I went there and read that too.

    How does anyone keep up? There is so much going on. And these are things
    that can be built on. Doug talks about a capabilities infrastructure. It
    seems like lots of people could stay busy just tracking extant software
    capabilities so we (and others) could more easily find things we could hook
    together. I had only recently started exploring the Java Apache site before
    I mentioned it the other day. They have a portal (Jetspeed), a mail server
    (JAMES), a FAQ manager (FAQ-O-Matic), a CVS server, all built on top of
    their servlet engine (JServ). It sounds like useful stuff, but who has the
    time to get up to speed on all that?

    XForms is W3's attempt to improve HTML Forms. HTML Forms are ok if you think
    HTML is ok. The HTML user interface is pretty sparse: no double-clicking, no
    keyboard shortcuts, etc... One of the goals of XForms is to support a richer
    user interface. Another is to split data and presentation into separate
    layers. XForms will work with XSL, the XML Stylesheet Language, to control
    presentation. The third layer in the XForms model is logic. XForms will
    support scripts that check data in the browser as it is entered. Like
    Apache, is a high visibility group with lots of developer support:
    just the sort of people it might pay to get hooked up with (Jon still out

    rm -d ms is the Richmen's Document Management System. Their approach appears
    to be to make everything look like an XML document. That way it can be
    accessed through the DOM and have stylesheets applied to it for display. One
    could also then use XLink/XPointer/XPath, I guess. They are building an
    application server on this idea. Their main page also mentions something
    called "Castor". This is apparently a project to DOMify SQL. That is, it
    would make the contents of a relational database look like an XML document
    through the DOM. Would this be an example of what you guys mean by
    "Distributed DOM"?

    Bill (wearing a hat to keep his head together...)

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