[unrev-II] Request For Comments

From: John \ (johnwerneken@netzero.net)
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 17:15:11 PDT

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    ACTION suggestion (if as a non-participant in the coding, I may do so): how
    about an "RFC UNREV-II-1: Request for Comments, to UNREV-II Group": "That
    our work carry the Free BSD License, of the type not requiring the
    acknowledgment". From what I see, ALL posters support either open source per
    se or open source with the ability for derivative work to be made
    proprietary. From what I understand, that License is accepted as "open
    source" and allows derivative work to be made proprietary.

    If it got support, we would (1) dispose of an issue; (2) establish a frame
    for decision making; (3) experience the joy of moving forward on something;
    (4) remove an apparent source of contention and/or of energy diversion.

    Suggestion Two: use source forge, with our own primary site as a mirror;
    this is an established and apparently functional method of supporting an
    open source project, to get things going.

    Suggestion Three: use Eric's mission statement stuff: our intent would be
    announced, not as forking Source Forge, but as transcending it, developing
    an OHS for software development, which if and when it attained a 1.0
    release, we would replace Source Forge with it, and then continue
    development of our tool, using our tool to do so.

    Suggestion Four: everybody says open source works by putting something out
    there that can be used, and then attracting improvements to it. There would
    of course be a huge gap between what Source Forge does and what Eric's
    requirements say an OHS would do, and I submit, there would be initially a
    huge gap, in Source Forge's favor, between what our initial efforts could
    do, and what Source Forge does now, but if we could at least demonstrate, by
    an actual useable application, however minimal, that our vision transcended
    theirs, we might have a start.

    AS you probably know, from Slashdot, Source Forge has attracted some
    bitching lately, to the affect that it's maintainers seem to be too busy to
    interface well with those who might wish to assist in developing Source
    Forge itself, so a move in this direction might be timely. If you visit the
    Slashdot post, please do skip through the numerous cute but off topic posts
    constituting the conversation between the two mutually amused posters, there
    is some real stuff in the thread, too.

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