[unrev-II] FYI: Hyperbolic Tree, Table Lens, and Summarizer Demos by Inxight.com

From: John J. Deneen (JJDeneen@ricochet.net)
Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 00:54:12 PDT

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    ... "Our charter is to Make Information Make SenseTM. Inxight's products
    (and the 25 years of research behind them) provide innovative and
    powerful solutions to the hard problems associated with intelligent
    information retrieval, analysis and visualization.

    Inxight makes open portal products that help knowledge workers make
    sense of large amounts of information, enhancing productivity and
    serendipitous discovery.

    Inxight's leading edge information visualization and knowledge
    extraction technologies are packaged as portal building blocks. Their
    open, modular, architecture enables combination with other commonly
    available building blocks, such as databases, search engines, document
    management applications and collaboration platforms, to construct
    world-class portals.

    Ramana Rao, CTO at Inxight will speak at The CTO Forum in SF on 5/16/00

    Dynamic Content 2000 Conf. in SF on 5/22-25/00

       * Hyperbolic Tree Demo by Inxight (Ramana Rao, CTO)


    Table Lens

       * Document Summary

    Inxight Summarizer™

    Inxight Summarizer Plus™

       * Inxight's definition of Knowledge Management


    "The incredible size and complexity of knowledge repositories and other
    document collections introduces great challenges for information

    Using LinguistX Platform, developers can build their own indices of free
    text documents based on the key concepts in the them, not just the
    words. Once you've automatically identified the concepts, the solutions
    you can create are limited only by your imagination.

    For example, use LinguistX to identify all the concepts in a collection
    of email messages, count up all the concepts in each of them, then
    organize the messages using standard statistical clustering techniques.
    Now weight the concepts according to their importance to a particular
    community-of-practice and re-cluster them, producing a taxonomy that
    caters to the needs of that community.

    Or, establish who belongs to each community of practice to begin with by
    matching up common concepts in their respective correspondence or
    published documents.

    Inxight Summarizer improves intranet solutions by allowing users to
    preview a document before "consuming" it. Rather than guessing from a
    document title what an article contains, users can see summaries
    generated in real-time as they navigate.

    For applications in the content management area the Hyperbolic Tree is
    designed for natural navigation of huge information spaces comprising
    thousands of objects.

    A good taxonomy is the basis of leading knowledge management solutions,
    and truly useful taxonomies are enormous. Only the Hyperbolic Tree
    scales to depict the structure and faciltate the traversal of these
    taxonomies without sacrificing an ounce of user-friendliness." ...

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