RE: [unrev-II] And, speaking of evolvability...

From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 07:45:27 PDT

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    Remember what Ted Nelson said in session 9 about evolution: it isn't fun for
    those involved. :-)

    I can see it now, a mega-meme slugfest. "My knowledge repository vision can
    whoop your knowledge repository vision."
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        Doug says that the DKR must be capable of evolution. It must be able to
    track conceptual drift in the culture it serves.

        William H. Calvin speaks on this in "The Six Essentials? Minimal
    Requirements for the Darwinian Bootstrapping of Quality"

        "Selectionism emphasizes carving patterns, memes remind us of minimal
    replicable patterns, but a full-fledged Darwinian process needs six
    essential ingredients to keep going, to recursively bootstrap quality from
    rude beginnings. While there may be situations ("sparse Darwinism") in which
    a reduced number suffice, another five ingredients, while not essential,
    greatly enhance the speed and stability of a Darwinian process. While our
    best examples are drawn from species evolution, the immune response, and
    evolutionary epistemology, the Darwinian process may well be a major law of
    the universe, right up there with chemical bonds as a prime generator of
    interesting combinations that discover stratified stabilities. "

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