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Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 06:08:58 PDT

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    I appreciate the encouraging words.

    Of course you are right about "co-evolution". I will try to generalize the
    first sentence ("This is the idea...") and make the
    human-and-tool-co-evolution thing more into an example.

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        This ought to become very useful for getting newbies feel at home
    quickly and painlessly. It seems to me that, once satisfactorily developed,
    the glossary should become part and parcel with the other content of the
    Colloquium section of the Bootstrap Institute's website.

        P.S. Although the term co-evolution has been used mostly in the context
    of synching human system with tool system v.v., I imagine that it applies to
    human interdependence and indeed tool interdependence as well.

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     Co-Evolution - Evolution in sync - This is the idea that it does no
    good for Tool System to advance to the point that people can't use them.
    Tool Systems must advance in sync with the evolution of Human Systems.
    The Frontier
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