Re: [unrev-II] P l u m b D e s i g n - a Visual Thesaurus

From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 10:21:26 PDT

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    An outstanding mix of form and functionality for bootstrapping knowledge

    "The Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus uses data from the WordNet database
    developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.
    This freely available database, first created in 1985 as a dictionary
    based on psycholinguistic theories, contains over 50,000 words and
    40,000 phrases collected into more than 70,000 sense meanings. The word
    forms in the database are organized to approximate the manner in which
    we use and understand language. Users can change the emphasis of the
    lookup. Users can:

       * choose to seek words based on their part of speech. For example, a
         user can seek similar nouns or verbs.
       * can control the movement of words by adjusting font-size, scale,
         and speed of rotation.
       * search for any word or phrase through a simple text-entry box.
       * view the history of visited words and revisit these at any time
         through a separate Informotion™ display.
       * toggle between two-dimensional and three-dimensional views of the
         words on display."

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