[unrev-II] Leadership and licenses

From: UglySpineHead (uglyspinehead@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 21:19:17 PDT

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    As I'm watching this group grow and evolve from the sidelines several things
    have come to my attention.

    1) While there is a definitive leader (Doug) and support team (the BI
    staff), there is a lack of leadership.

    This is not meant as an insult. There is definitive goal, but many people
    don't know what's going on, and they want to help, but don't know where to
    start. It's not that they are completely ignorant of what's happening, but
    because the scope and size of this project is rather huge. I think it would
    be very appropriate to have a summary of where we are, what we are doing,
    where we are going, and what can be worked on immediately. Keeping all this
    in mind, I would like to thank those members who are being very active by
    pushing unrev-II further. I am very impressed by you all, and I have the
    greatest respect for you.

    2) The license agreement attached to the colloquium (and by extension this
    mailing list) needs to be addressed and corrected.

    I, for one, am *very* uncomfortable with it, as I assume others are. Even a
    short term solution would be welcome. I don't have anything against
    Stanford, but it could be used improperly. I think this is more pressing
    than deciding on a license for any future coding (though it encompasses many
    of the same issues).


    These are just a couple things that have been on my mind lately. I
    appreciate the time taken to read this message and would like any feedback
    you might have to offer.

    Michael Crusoe -- student at large
    (602) 438 8088 ext 0335
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