Re: [unrev-II] Good Servlet Container?

From: Paul Fernhout (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 17:40:14 PDT

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    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > Does anyone have any reccommendations of the best
    > servlet container to use. I've been working through
    > Marty Hall's excellent book (Core Servlets and
    > JavaServer Pages), and I find that there are two
    > viable alternatives, thus far:

    I'm currently using IBM's VisualAge Java Enterprise 3.02 for a project.
    <ducks!> :-)

    I have not used the servlet part, but my understanding is that VisualAge
    Java supports testing servlets locally. Primarily though, IBM would like
    you to run them with IBM's WebSphere. Are you just looking for a
    container for testing? Why don't you want to run your servlets in a
    server for production?

    General IBM Java info:

    A related query:

    The entry version of VisualAge Java is available for download at no

    I personally like VisualAge Java over other Java Development
    environments for the integration with the ENVY Repository (first
    developed for Smalltalk) for fine grained version control. It is a sort
    of DKR for code.

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