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From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 14:25:26 PDT

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    I'm forwarding this message. Excerpts from their web site
    follow. This just may be the right solution to the problem.
    (I've yet to see it, because I can't download from behind
    Sun's firewall. The feature list seems complete, with respect
    to my "wish list", but there is often a big gap between a
    marketing description and a product deliverable.)

    We thought you'd like to know that we've just started shipping XMetaL
    2.0. Now it's even easier to create and work with XML content thanks to
    the addition of well formed editing, a new Structure view, support for
    more advanced XML constructs and expanded customization options.
    Download an Evaluation Version at
    http://www.softquad.com/products/xmetal/ or buy your copy today, at

     What's New in XMetaL 2.0...
     XML Editing
     Well-Formed Editing

          open and edit documents without a DTD
          provides a quick way to work with XML fragments without having
          content-model violations
          ideal for previewing XML data imported from an external source
          before transformation or synchronization

     Structure View
          the editable, collapsible Structure View makes it easy to navigate
          and work with complex or lengthy documents
          Structure View can be customized using different CSS assigned to
          toolbar buttons to provide multiple views of the same document
     Advanced XML Constructs
     Remote DTDs
          locate and retrieve remote DTDs automatically

     Parsable, Remote External file entities
          open and parse remote external file entities by double-clicking

     Unicode support
          supports UTF-16 and UTF-8 encoding
     Display and Formatting
     Styles interface
          simplified Word-like Styles interface complements the cascading
          style sheet editor

     CSS Counters
          supports the display of CSS2 auto-numbering

     Semantic tables
          display elements with a tabular structure as tables
          provides users a more intuitive interface while preserving the
          meaning of your markup

     Enhanced DOM support
          DOM Write APIs and Document Fragments are now supported

     In-Place ActiveX Controls
          In-Place Control interface enables the display of ActiveX
          like image viewers, custom dialog boxes, or a calendar builder,
          directly in the XMetaL document window

     Extensible Object Interface
          Extended Object Interface allows custom tabs, which can host
          embedded ActiveX controls, to be added to the Resource Manager

     Script Editor
          built-in script editor provides an editing and debugging
          interface for both recorded and scripted macros
          supports color coding and pretty printing

     Forms editor
          built-in editor for creating custom dialog boxes to help users
          efficiently with database-style sections of their documents
          dialogs boxes can contain combo boxes, radio buttons and more

     More macro shortcuts
          A larger set of keys can now be used as macro shortcuts

     Global customizations
          menu and toolbar customizations can now be inherited by all
          documents for all available DTDs

     Extensive User Event Trapping
          a broader range of user events, including mouse overs and right
          clicking, are now trapped for triggering scripts

     Sample Customization Scripts
     XMetaL advanced scripting support and COM interface...To get you
     started, XMetaL comes with sample scripts that you can build on and
     add to, including:
          Word Document Conversion
          Annotations and Revisions
          Structure View Style Control

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