Re: [unrev-II] Categories and Versions

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 13:24:51 PST

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    And here, the answers:

      <li>Changes to a Category list are reported to all parents
          <li>When the parent is a structure node, it reflects an add
              or remove of a category
              <li>Note: No &quot;moves&quot; for category lists</li>
          <li>When the parent is the main list of categories, it reflects
              a difference in the set of categories</li>
      <li>Changes to a Category node are NOT reported to all parents
          <li>They are still versioned, hence delivered with other
              new nodes during system sync-age <br>
              (and marked as &quot;new&quot;)</li>
          <li>The change <i>is</i> reported to the main category
              list/tree (and up the hierarchy) but <i>not</i> to
              structure nodes that have that category</li>
          <li>That way, simple category name-changes are not treated
              like document changes</li>
      <li>When a category &quot;splits&quot; (some members become one
          thing, others become something else, as in ToDo-&gt;Bug:Open
          or Feature:Open), or when categories &quot;merge&quot;:
          <li>The split/merge is treated as a name change.</li>
          <li>Changes are versioned and reported to the main category
          <li>Category lists for affected structure nodes are modified
              with a special NON-VERSIONED change that replaces the
              old pointer with a new one.</li>

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