[unrev-II] What does Augmen/NLS do?

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 17:38:14 PST

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    Is every StructureNode embedded in a StructureLink??

    Arguments for/against:
      <li>Engineering arguments</li>
        <li>Yes: When programming, all node references can be
            treated the same.</li>
        <li>Yes: As a result, the programming is simpler.</li>
        <li>No: The programming may be simpler, but the data
            structures are more complex.</li>
      <li>Functional arguments</li>
        <li>Yes: Author can apply relationship categories to
            newly written nodes, as well as to references.</li>
        <li>No: The functionality isn't needed and isn't worth
            the performance/space cost.</li>
      StrucureNodes that are referenced in another hierarchy
      are embedded in a StructureLink. The existence of
      that link serves several purposes:

        * Set a flag when nodes are traversed, so
          the outer system can easily identify cycles.

        * Adding categories to the link defines relationships
          (whereas adding categories to the node defines
           intrinsic properties of the node.)

        * Relationships like "comment" or "reply" can be used
          to hide the referenced material when the user
          doesn't want to see it.

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