[unrev-II] Awaiting Quiesence

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 16:18:02 PST

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    Apologies for the lengthy delay in getting the
    node library out. However, the design is still
    in quite a bit of flux, so it's going to be a
    while before it is ready for review.

    In A/I programming, there is a concept of
    "quiesence" -- of having reached a quiet state
    where evaluation makes sense. In chess, for
    example, you can reach a position where you
    have captured the opponent's queen. You might
    evaluate that position as very good and make
    the move, only to discover that you are checkmated
    on the next move!

    The problem lay in a premature evaluation of the
    position -- in evaluating it while various threats
    were still outstanding, before it had "quiesced".

    Design work is like that. As you work on one area,
    the decisions you make precipate changes in other
    areas. When you work on those areas, more changes
    occur. When that is happening, the basic design is
    still "in flux" -- it is a dynamically evolving
    entity that is not yet stable enough or quiet enough
    for a reasonable evaluation.

    It will be a while yet. I think I've come to the
    end of the major design decisions, but each of the
    decisions makde recently still have ripples to be
    traced. As a result, there is still plenty of room
    for "intersecting ripples" to create a design
    inconsistency, which would precipitate yet another
    change... (and the wheel goes round and round...)

    Now, lest you think I am trying to solve every
    problem, I assure you I am not. There are major
    issues yet to be decided. The need is not yet
    clear, so they are not reflected in the current
    design. There are also a score of implementation
    "gaps" to be filled.

    But, between those two extremes, there is a set of
    design issues that must be solved in an internally
    consistent manner. The kernel will then be ready
    for "early access" publication.

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