[unrev-II] Stardates

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 10:11:14 PST

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    How do they calculate Star Trek "stardates", anyway?

    I mean, it makes sense that you couldn't use Earth's
    revolutions around the Sun as a time keeping device.
    After all, you're a gazillion miles away.

    So you use a "stardate". But how do you know when to
    advance to the next date? How long is a "day"?

    Is a "star day" 24-hours, as it is here? Or is it the
    25-hour day that some studies have shown we keep

    But that 25-hour day is apparently a product of the
    moon's influence on our biological systems. We seem
    to be more affected by its gravitational influence
    than we realize.

    But if that is true, then the concept of a "day" is
    clearly related to the planetary system in which
    you find yourself. On a spaceship somewhere far out
    in the galaxy, what would your sleep cycles be like?
    How long would a "day" be, then?

    Or do they go with naval schedules? Something like
    6 hours on, 6 hours off? Anyone know how that works?

    And just when *is* Christmas in a staryear, anyway?
    Or, TurkeyDay?

    Inquiring minds wanna know...

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