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Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 11:36:10 PST

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    I am now back. Intend to be at Doug's house this afternoon.

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    I know that Jack Park will be gone on a business trip starting Nov. 9.
    Hopefully, he'll be back by Nov.14 ? In any event, I'm sure other OHS
    developers and I could meet with you and Doug.

    Until then, the following are some pointers to background info about our
    approach for the HyperScope-OHS launch and development, including related
    work referenced in the IEEE Intelligent Systems journal (Knowledge
    Management and the Internet) Vol. 15, No. 3, May/June 2000.

    On Nov. 8 at 7:21 pm, Jack says "I'm about to head for Texas, so I thought
    I'd take a shot at responding before I pack and head out. ... I discovered
    PlanetOnto today on the web after seeing it in the stuff you brought. That
    stuff is extremely interesting."

    So, if you have access to an online membership to the IEEE Intelligent
    Systems journal, then I recommend downloading the complete series of
    articles as noted below. Otherwise, the journal is available for reading or
    photocopying at a university library, etc..

    Kindest regards,
    --John Deneen


    Subject: Draft Plan for HyperScope-OHS launch and development

          Date: 25 Oct 2000 22:00 PDT

         From: Doug Engelbart - Bootstrap Institute



    Via the first basic AUGMENT-to-HTML translation process put together by

    I've installed a recent draft at <
    <> >

    There are a few translation details which could be fixed, but basically it

    what I'd looked for.

    Eugene adjusted the URL "naming" to mirror what we use in AUGMENT, where the

    link address is -- i.e. it was submitted to the "BI" Journal, where

    it was given the permanet access number of "2120".

    And, would cite the "Phase-2" Branch within AUGMENT -- and that

    part of the HTML version would similarly be cited with the URL

    <> >

    We might make adjustments to this "BI/2120.html" file, but the intent would

    that none of the content, structure, or "Location Numbering" would change.

    it undoubedly will be superceded with updated versions; and also supported

    other planning documents regarding deeper details and/or modifications to

    and also plans associaed with other phases of the larger Bootstrap Program.

    So I invite dialog about this plan to make use of links to the specific

    locations being discussed.

    And note that we'd like to translate quite a few of the AUGMENT reference

    into this browser-accessible form. E.g., a full series of User Guides.


    Subject: Workshop on Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories

        Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 14:36:45 -0800

        From: "John J. Deneen"


    Re: IEEE Intelligent Systems, June 2000


    In addition to the links about 1) kMail, 2) WebKB, and 3) Engineering

    Design Repositories:

    I've found one more:

    4) Building & Searching an XML-based Corp. Memory, from a Workshop on

    Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories

    Therefore, only 4/7 links to articles directly from authors websites are

    available. The remaining 3 (Intro to KM and the Internet, PlanetOnto,

    and Web-based KM for Distributed Design) may requiring downloading from

    the IEEE journal.

    Links to many related projects:

    Based on these approaches and projects and any others that you can think

    of (e.g., Onto-centric design), are you interested in getting a group of

    influential decision-makers and VCs together for making pro/con

    recommendations with possible changes in OHS-dev priorities and

    proposals to Doug?

    Looking forward to a criticality event,


    "G. Ken Holman" wrote:

    Hello again Doug and John,

    At 00/11/01 11:55 -0500, I wrote:
    >At 00/10/31 20:33 -0800, Doug Engelbart - Bootstrap Institute wrote:
    >>I'll await your response.
    >If it would help to get more colleagues together, I could try to juggle my
    >commitments arranged for Tuesday the 14th. I would have my daughter in
    >tow, but I would pick her up Tuesday morning, move our family obligation
    >to Tuesday early afternoon, meet with you Tuesday late afternoon to early
    >evening, then get to SFO by 20:00 for our 22:00 red-eye flight.
    >I don't mind the juggling ... in fact, if you want just an introductory
    >session Saturday evening and *then* have me meet Tuesday with your
    >colleagues, that may even be best. We can determine on Saturday what we
    >should be talking about on Tuesday.
    >Would that work for you?

    Did you two come to any conclusions about the weekend and next week?

    Have you thought of how I can prepare for the kinds of questions you are
    going to have?

    I've been laid low with sickness and am tardy getting up to speed on OHS
    ... I'll try my damndest before I leave on Friday.


    ................. Ken

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