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Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 20:00:57 PST

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    > My take on things is that there are dozens of folks out there
    > with "big picture" ideas for KM.

    Okay, I confess, I am one of those people with "big picture" ideas
    for KM. I'm passionate about KM, want to get in and "get wet". It's
    got such immense potential.

    > But none have a platform to
    > build on. My hope was to make an OHS (what I had thought of as
    > a HyperDOCUMENT repository) into a platform they could use to
    > build on.

    I feel we have a platform which can be used to build on. I'd like to
    invite you to look at our eContent product as it is a HyperDocument
    repository for both static and dynamic content. I think it has a lot
    of potential to build on.

    Our "resources' can be documents, forms, discussion forum, web based
    email, faq, helpdesk, news, project/task management, company phone
    directory, data warehouse views etc or other components. We have all
    but the email component developed. With indexing/searching capability
    we are working on (see CVS version), the eSearch portion can search
    the KM "resources" system, for referenced keywords etc. Our system
    has been designed with flexibility so that content can be presented
    in different ways too, i.e. hierachical, table etc.

    At a basic level, I see 5 components supporting KM.
    1. document management
    2. information management
    3. searching and indexing
    4. communications and collaboration
    5. expert systems.

    Adding some personalization features and the result is a
    collaborative KM portal. I think the portal, ebusiness, content
    management solutions markets are likely to converge towards KM in the
    next 2 years.

    Please have a look at the www.javacorporate.com eContent product
    which I am proposing be evaluated as a platform. Also consider that
    it is fully based on open standards and is 100% Java and web based.

    To enable your access to the demo, whitepaper and other resources,
    please register onsite using the Register link on the home page in
    the right column. When you register onsite, you will be automatically
    added to the appropriate security group for access. You can find the
    eContent demo at the following url:
    category=132 [please make sure you get the full url].
    Then select the "person icon" from the header or the left menu and
    login. Once logged in, select "Demo Menu" from the left menu. As it
    is the demo focuses on the administrator demo; and doesn't yet show
    off the end user GUI very well, so please bear that in mind. There
    is a whitepaper and detailed feature list onsite as well (links are
    on the eContent description page).

    I would be appreciative to hear your feedback on what you think about
    eContent is a platform to build on?


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