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From: frode hegland (frode@liquidinformation.com)
Date: Sat Dec 16 2000 - 09:21:15 PST

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    I just thought of something and would be grateful for any
    There can be more structure in reading and composing messages on a
    based mailing list than with email.
    A Web page can almost provide as much structure and functionality as
    free standing application can, whereas email is just dumd text which
    can be parsed/interpreted by a server to a severely limited degree
    can by definition not supply and diynamic or live functionality such
    scrolling a thread.
    Problem with the Web based interface is that people forget to go to
    Web site to constantly check what's been posted.
    Considering that most InBoxes today are capable of understanding
    maybe it's time to combine the two.
    Users who want a message or a digest subscription only get a Subject
    and link to the actual message in their email. They click to get
    to the discussion which actually takes them to the Web page, for
    dynamic, controlled, mailing list optimized interface with the
    list.Live dynamic threading, proper quoting etc.
    This way we could reap the benefits of both worlds. What do you
    Personally I think an OHS quality mailing list system could go a long
    way towards strengthening the community and starting coding and
    community bootstrapping. I am talking about concurrently with the
    Hyperscope, right before/after, not as a substitute for the

    What do you guys think?

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