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Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 15:11:31 PST

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    Doug spoke to the audience about historical and personal experiences,
    recognizing several individuals and contributions. One compelling set
    of sentences showed bootstrapping paradyms to augment evolutionary
    knowledge solutions, while utilizing revolutionary changes.

    Attention was brought to the idea of estimating the rate at which
    knowledge is increasing and the related topic of accelerating returns.
    OHS/DKR as a tool for distributed cooperative creating, recognizing,
    developing, processing, and utilizing human and machine knowledge, is
    needed to produce the needed accelerated returns to help us cope.

    [Garold L. Johnson] Agreed. We are due to get totally swamped unless we
    build better tools and better organizations to use them.

    From related work I remain convinced that the basic tools we need to
    provide a view of Doug's vision are there. Open Standards-track XML,
    XSL, DOM, Java, ECMA Script (and related tools), along with standardized
    approaches to developing km-oriented onologies and behaviors, provide
    the platform. Doug's definitons of interactor interfaces and system
    functionality provide the model. In this way OHS/DKR synergizes human
    sytems/tool system co-evolution to exploit the opportunity created by
    our our investment in computing.
    [Garold L. Johnson] Certainly there are more and better tools available
    today than when Doug built Augment! Of course, given that Augment was built,
    we are trying to transcend it and so are trying to do more, but still, the
    tools should give us some real help.


    Garold (Gary) L. Johnson

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