[unrev-II] Open Source Projects

From: Grant Bowman (grant@suse.com)
Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 20:09:44 PST

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    To source or open source, these are good questions.

    An articled caught my eye today: Generating Success in Open Source. A
    response by "slaytanic killer" was interesting.


    I found this when I heard that Bruce Perens' site is being taken down.
    Bruce helped run Debian and found the Open Source Initiative proper
    www.opensource.org. He had a online magazine www.technocrat.net. As a
    substitute site, Bruce offered www.kuro5him.org where I found this URL.
    Linux Daily News summarized:
            For the past year and a half the site has focused on technology
            policy in an attempt to educate policy makers as well as the
            general public on how technology should be viewed and how it
            should be used.

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