Re: [unrev-II] inxar -- information exchange architecture

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 17:21:35 PST

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    Good find! Major points from your notes:
      * use of a graph data model rather than a tree
      * node addressing and references
      * element-attribute isomorphism

    I found these intriguing enough to looke closer.
    Here are some points from the web site:
      * Design of the abstract data types preceded
        design of the syntax.
      * Individual elements (nodes) may be named,
        allowing fine-grained node addressing
      * Datatypes are first-class syntactic literals.
        <node value=true> defines a boolean.
        <node value=23> defines a numeric
      * A binary file format is defined for fast
        parsing and validation.
        --Hmmm. Double-edged sword here. The ease of
          accessing and editing XML is, like HTML, a
          large part of its popularity.
      * Most of the concepts are redefined in terms
        of modern programming languages such as Java
        rather than in terms of markup text processing.
        --Got my vote. Wonder what it means...

    Jack Park wrote:
    > Found this at this morning.
    > <>
    > "RSL is a new structured information language descended from SGML and
    > XML.
    > RSL is different from XML in several fundamental ways including the
    > use of a
    > graph data model rather than a tree data model, node addressing and
    > references, and element-attribute isomorphism. Read more at the RSL
    > Homepage
    > <> "
    > "The intent of RSL is to promote structured information sharing. The
    > goal is
    > to create a concrete framework for the authorship and utilization of
    > strongly-typed data. An XML-like language is defined as well as a set
    > of
    > supporting software components and communication protocols.
    > Essentially, RSL
    > is an effort to create a "web" from a data-centric point of view. "
    > It's GPL. It's probably worth a look-see.
    > Jack
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