Re: [unrev-II] massive storage technology

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 04:02:36 PST

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    Ah, to comtemplate what this means in terms of augmenting the human individual
    and colective intellect! And what it means for education in the future, and to
    optomize democracy, etc.

    We do need more, though. Short wish list:

    * A speedy way of duplicating those cards along with efficient version
    administration (like instantaneous).

    * Highly efficient information retrieval systems (plural for different types of
    info retrieval (see e.g. Nicholas Carroll's nice introductions in the Unrev
    threda "Retrieving Information from Dynamic Knowledge Repositories."

    * Highly efficient reduction-evaluation of information retrieved, perhaps along
    with proposed courses of action.

    * "Proper" adaptation of technologogies involved to comfortably live side by
    side with human system (i.e. with its logical and, especially, with its
    emotional/affect mechanisms - both with regard to individual and societal

    * Our facination with technology will leave room for encouraging human thinking
    about our relationship with the Universe. Turning information into raising being
    human to a higher level, ah, that would be true KM.


    Jack Park wrote:

    > <>
    > ""Scientists from Keele University, in England, have suceeded creating a
    > system that enables up to 10.8 terabytes of data to be stored in an area the
    > size of a credit card, with no conventionally moving parts. This along with
    > 3 other forms of memory which could revolutionize
    > <
    > ve=true&tagid=ZZZC00L1B0C&subheading=information%20technology> storage. The
    > company said the system could be produced commercially within two years, and
    > each unit should cost no more than $50 initially, with the price likely to
    > drop later. " I'm unconvinced about their compression algorithm, but if it
    > works, this is gonna be amazing"
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