Re: [unrev-II] Candidate collaboratory for getting started.

From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 06:29:52 PST

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    What a gem. Burton's paper is on the web. It's the top google hit--
    The second hit:
    <> however points to it plus a couple of
    others. The links in Burton's paper will keep you busy for many moons.
    KMI is a great web site for exploration --
    <> . Discussion there
    includes ScholOnto that I mentioned here a while back. Visit <>
    as well; that's the homesite of the forum I referenced earlier.
    For the overwhelmed, there's always Prozac!
    Semper clax.

    From: Henry van <> Eyken

    This site (KMI) certainly fascinates me. We see here an integration of
    knowledge management and learning along the full gamut of R&D and
    application. One wonders how the work of Bootstrap volunteeras and SRI may
    fit in or relate to all this. There seems to be a lot of experience and
    momentum there. The D3E format for publishing on the Internet does seem a
    bit bewildering at first sight, but still seems to be worth considering. (If
    only I could cope with the explosion of things to be comprehended.)

    Have you also seen "The Rhetoric of a Rhetoric Website: Inquiry, Pedagogy,
    and Scholarship" by Gideon O. Burton?
    Quoting from its abstract: "In order to serve the multiple purposes of
    inquiry, pedagogy, and scholarship, certain basic rhetorical concepts must
    be closely observed within the web environment, including arrangement and
    delivery organization and presentation of information), and audience
    (addressing both specialized and general audiences imultaneously). This
    requires a familiarity with those features of web design, access, and
    promotion that can enhance or an detract from each of these purposes.
    Attending to those rhetorical principles and features can lead to the most
    roductive exposure of web information, can improve the usefulness of web
    information for teaching purposes, and can
    promote the professional validation of scholarly web publication. Research,
    teaching, and scholarship should have a oductive and dynamic
    inter-relationship, and the creation of an academic website can
    significantly aid that relationship if the properties of this medium are
    understood and respected "

    The addressing both specialized and general audiences simultaneously is
    precisely what we are struggling with on this website. This in addition to
    simultaneously addressing
    a. Augmentation tools (computers) and what they are intended to augment
    (minds), and
    b. Specific tool development (i.q. OHS) and its application to complex,
    urgent societal problems on a world scale.

    I am overwhelmed to the point of impotency by the impossibly huge
    smorgasbord of things to evaluate and apply (and often wish that more agile
    minds would take the Bootstrap webmaster's job over from me). Maybe the work
    at the Open University's Knowledge Media Institute offers a way out. Sigh.


    Jack Park wrote:

    Visit <> < <> > and see what you
    think. The more I look at this system, the more I think it is a good
    package to begin doing online collab stuff with.

    A version of it can be viewed at
    <> > which, by the way,
    to be about Compendium, another online "sense-making" system.

    d3e appears to be available for non-profits, like (I think).
    It might be worth installing a copy.


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