[unrev-II] Accountability, Knowledge, Intelligence and Credit

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 22:38:58 PDT

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    A little more musing....

    Fear of accountability that avoids being "pinned down," cited in your letter
    today, collides later with complaints that people did not "listen," that people
    did not understand and so failed to follow up and get things done, causing
    earnings and stock prices to fall. It is another Knowledge Management dilemma
    that worried our friends at NSF in 1999. If we don't pin folks down, then there
    is no organizational memory, there is no DKR, there is no intelligence for
    aligning the work with objectives, requirements and commitments, and so the
    binary force of accountability, "credit" for saving time and money, cannot be

    Everyone wants everybody else to "listen," to understand to get things done,
    they want higher earnings, they want stock prices to go up, they want credit,
    but aver accountability, aver intelligence, and aver knowledge, as Prometheus
    discovered long ago. It's a dilemma. People love to know what others did and
    said, but don't want to be pinned down on what they say and do. It is a big
    challenge for transitioning from IT to a culture of knowledge.



    Jack Park wrote:
    > http://www.awakentech.com
    > Here is a particularly interesting quote from a wide ranging paper:
    > "Automated attempts to "pin people down" and thereby enhance accountability
    > may not bring about better communication or enhanced productivity. It is
    > very likely such attempts, if they are accepted by users, will change the
    > "rules of the game," and certain types of critical conversations will move
    > to contexts in which the tool will not be used, thereby altering the nature
    > of the communication which does take place through the new technology.
    > (Reder & Schwab, 1988, p. 367)"
    > The paper is
    > Rhythms, Boundaries, and Containers:
    > Creative Dynamics of Asynchronous Group Life
    > Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz
    > Awakening Technology Research Report #4
    > April 1990
    > And is available by way of navigation from the URL above, jumping to the
    > "about us" section clicking on "Awakening Technology" and then clicking on
    > a link that reads "publication of a new theory of groupware embodying
    > living systems principles"
    > I'm not reproducing the actual URL here because it's huge.
    > While you're there at the home page, jump to their latest "inquiry" system
    > and roam about. It's a valuable experience in groupware knowledge formation.
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