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Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 06:04:28 PDT

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    If I may attempt to translate Jack's message, I would say that by asking why
    a given functionality that is proposed is necessary we will build better
    requirements for the envisioned system. That's because requirements should
    not be based on hunches that we provide but rather on objectives that the
    organization or the individuals who will use the system need to achieve.
    Asking why successively is a known process for finding the root cause of a
    problem. By asking why on a piece of requested functionality we will get
    into questions of who is the intended user, what they expect from the
    system, why is the system necessary etc. You can read Alan Cooper's good and
    fun article about goal-directed design at: Another
    goal-oriented avocate is Alistair Cockburn who wrote a whole book on use
    cases and goals, "Writing effective use cases."

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      Jack Park wrote:

    > I am imagining that, in the tree structure that Nexist presently uses,
    > the
    > "children" of a Question (e.g. Ideas and Questions) can move around in
    > their placement on the childNodes list. That's not hard to do.
    > However,
    > that's really an indepth implementation issue.
    > Could we back up, instead, and apply a "recursive Why?" approach to
    > the
    > points you make below and try to arrive at an ontology of ultimate
    > requirements for the system you propose?

      I'm sure we could, if I understood what you said. Experience tells me
      you are undoubtedly asking for something valid. Now if I could only find

      a translator...

      Wanna try again??
      Or should we sit down and work through it?

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