Re: [unrev-II] Multidimensional Economics and DKRs

From: Henry K van Eyken (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 03:45:21 PDT

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    I only could afford a three-minute browse just now, but the material appears to be relevant to what we are doing
    and interesting. Have to come back to this. QWhat I read immediately called up two thoughts:

    Re economics:
    A colleague at Dawson who taughts economics was wont to say that many people know the price of everything and
    the value of nothing

    Re complexity ytheory:
    The introductory line of a physics professor lecturing about the cow: "Imagine a spherical cow."


    Jack Park wrote:

    > "Current economic theory reduces all things to one dimension, that of
    > monetary value, in fact that seems to be the whole basis of the science.
    > Yet value is not in itself a one dimensional concept, we value many things
    > that are impossible to classify in such linear monetary terms, air or
    > sunlight for example. Complex notions of value require a type of economics
    > that is itself complex and multi-dimensional, a value system that goes
    > beyond the trade based concept of material exchange and takes into account
    > the wider needs of people and planet. We will try to outline such a
    > complexity based economics here. "
    > The paper was found at this web site
    > It strikes me that if one were to imagine a DKR for multidimensional
    > economics, one would have to imagine links to other DKRs, such as would
    > cover ecosystems, social systems, and so forth. The architecture for such
    > an environment, I am finding out, would perhaps be described as a
    > Heterarchical Hyperstructure, as described at
    > and as may emerge when the heterarchical communities as evidenced in the
    > various Wiki implementations, at, in particular
    >, and at Bernard Vatant's
    > all begin to link to each other.
    > does strike me as the beginnings of a useful DKR,
    > and, given the TouchGraph navigation tool, it's beginning to have some of
    > the capabilities imagined for eventual implementation in a
    > HyperScope. Here, you have navigation, different views, user interaction,
    > export to a variety of formats, and so forth.
    > Already, we are beginning to learn a lot.
    > Many thanks to Stephen Danic for setting up this site, to Alex Shapiro for
    > linking TouchGraph in, to Bernard Vatant for suggesting something like
    > this happen, and to Eric Armstrong for asking the probing questions that
    > necessitated this emerging DKR.
    > Where might this experimental universe go next? I'd be interested to learn
    > what it would take to permit to present views from information
    > sources other than that which is appended by users, e.g. legacy information
    > sources and so forth. In order to move more deeply into a HyperScope
    > implementation, that kind of support would be needed.
    > Cheers
    > Jack
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