Re: [unrev-II] Fwd: [PORT-L] Fwd: Microsoft's Secret Files - on YOUR PC

From: Henry K van Eyken (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 21:46:36 PDT

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    Maybe things are not quite as sinister as depicted in the article "Microsoft's
    Really Hidden Files v2.1b," by The Riddler. He refers to hidden files with
    alphanumeric names such as 6YQ2GSWF. He associates these files with Internet
    Explorer and Outlook.

    Yesterday, my finger slipped of a keyboard key or some such mishap when I tried
    to delete a file that looked suspiciously like a varus carrier. I checked the
    trash can and returned to my (Netscape Messenger) Inbox. To my horror I found
    it to be empty. Aftere some fiddling and returning to the Inbox I found
    everything to be OK. Today, I found in my Local Mail a file with such an
    alphanumeric name with the extender .TMP. It turned out to contain inbox
    material up to, I presume, the moment of the mishap. I.o.w. a temperoray file
    had been created to see me through the mishap. This file showed up in
    Netscape's Messenger, but a similar happening may lead to a temporary file in
    Outlook Express that does not show up and, therefore, does not invite deletion
    and cause thereby a build-up of crud.

    So, the solution seems obvious: change from Internet Explorer to Netscape.


    Jack Park wrote:

    > Linux and Mac users can ignore this post.
    > I wouldn't forward this if I hadn't tried snooping around in my C:WINDOWS
    > directory as suggested at this web page. What they say is there, is
    > there! A rather large file with all the web sites I have visited.
    > Jack
    > >From: Simon Polovina <polovina@LINEONE.NET>
    > >
    > >PORTers, at the risk of going OT that below may interest given some of the
    > >discussion on this group a while ago. Rgds, Simon
    > >
    > >_______________ Forward Header _______________
    > >Subject: Microsoft's Secret Files - on YOUR PC
    > >Author: David Shearer <>
    > >Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 12:38:53 +0000
    > >
    > >Dear Colleagues,
    > >
    > >A couple of colleagues have suggested that I share this URL with you.
    > >Please excuse the somewhat offensive web site name, but it does contain
    > >some very interesting and useful information about the way MS Windows
    > >collects information about you and the way your PC is used - and you're
    > >not consulted about Microsoft using up megabytes of your hard disc and
    > >stealing the bandwidth off you when they come snooping. The web site
    > >contains some useful info on how to delete these really hidden files and
    > >free up more free disc space and improve your PC's performance.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >David
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >---------------------------------------------
    > >David Shearer
    > >Department of Computer Science
    > >University of Hertfordshire
    > >College Lane
    > >Hatfield
    > >Herts AL10 9AB
    > >
    > >01707 284337 (Voice)
    > >01707 284303 (Fax)
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    > >
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