Re: [unrev-II] Web collaboration effort fights terrorism

From: Henry K van Eyken (
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 15:53:37 PST

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    Referring back to my earlier post today, in the thread "The Macro+Memetics
    Project Conference." here we have another technology akin to Doug's OHS. Its
    development appears to be well funded: "The system was funded last April, when
    Secretary of State Colin Powell allocated $17 million for a prototype and pilot
    test of the system as part of his agenda to upgrade the State Department's
    network infrastructure." If I recall correctly (I am open to correction), this
    is about one third of what Microsoft is putting into Groove. Compare numbers
    such as these to what is going into the OHS, one is led to wonder. Hence, I
    think it would be useful if a volunteer among us comes forward to devote
    himself (herself) to assess, even if only to a preliminary extent, what is
    going on in the world of OHS-comparable technologies in terms of parties
    involved, objectives, depths, progress made, dollar amounts. This ought help
    putting a firmer basis underneath our discussions..

    Anyone interested? Or a few people to work co-operatively, to be the "frontier
    outpost" of our Unrev-II community?

    In the meantime, can we, as a group, put together a list of technologies with
    relevant sites for those volunteers to begin focusing on?

    I am asking these questions in the context of the e-journal we are trying to
    get off the ground. For some idea of what that initially will look like, see Bear in mind, please, that what you see there is still
    in the design stage. A lot of fleshing out needs to be done.


    Eugene Eric Kim wrote:

    > Network World Fusion published an article on the Overseas Presence
    > Interagency Collaboration System, a new Web-based system that the
    > government wants to use to improve collaboration:
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