Re: [unrev-II] Visual stimuli & IBIS methodology

From: Peter Jones (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 09:31:19 PST

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    Jack Park wrote:
    >.... wondering if Kelly's Personal Construct
    > Theory isn't at work in an IBIS-style discussion. If that were so, then
    > Kelly would argue for some kind of sliding scale, with neutral being 0 in
    > the center, and + and - 1 being the poles. One might then simply set the
    > slider rather than make a statement, and follow that with a justification
    > for the setting.

    The quantitative correlate of persuasion?
    Intriguing idea. It sounds nice, but it also sounds like a category mistake.
    Would the justification by itself suffice?

    This idea returns to the problems mentioned earlier in discussion with Eric
    A. regarding everyone bringing their own evaluative criteria to the table.
    Which is then why I worry about the + and - signs. Shorthand, yes; Bad
    shorthand? Maybe. Not just because they are so bipolar but because they are
    a leading (and possibly misleading) visual metaphor in respect of the
    subtleties of persuasion. Not just first time around when the discussion is
    constructed, but later when someone re-assessing it is re-construing it in
    light of their own criteria.

    When Albert Selvin writes:
    >They will get thrown by the "double work" of not only trying to chop up
    >discourse into nodes and give those nodes types, but also trying to
    >determine what types the links should be; where do the semantics go? Too
    >many choices need to be made. Again, this is more of a human
    >factors/affordance problem than it is a problem of determining the "best"
    >knowledge representation.

    ... then I'm inclined to question the node typing and discourse chopping
    too. Is the Idea node in Question-Idea-Argument the culprit?
    Could it be that, again, it might be a 'leading' node, that in a given group
    actually prevents the development of novel ideas in response to a problem
    and colours discourse prior to the development of the rhetoric?

    Wow. The psychological issues around this thing are awesome.


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