Re: [unrev-II] Web-based IBIS

From: Simon Buckingham Shum (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 04:08:00 PST

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    At 5:40 PM -0500 11/12/01, wrote:
    >Just took a look at Eugene Eric Kim's web IBIS interface (an example at
    >The Mifflin tool currently creates graphical IBIS HTML maps as an export
    >function. It adds some metadata and transclusions ('containing views'), as
    >well as icons, to what the above example shows, as well as some other
    >features. It could easily be adapted to contain 'purple numbers' as well.
    >I bring this up here because we are very interested in gluing such exports
    >into existing 'live' web-based systems that would allow IBIS discussions
    >originally generated in a f2f session, as most Mifflin/Compendium maps are,
    >to continue in an on-line format (and vice versa -- gluing web-based
    >discussions into the Mifflin f2f format).
    >Is this system a possibility? Any others come to mind?

    so... the current D3E discussion on Peter's GUI design principles:


    would be imported back into a dialogue map such as:

    (to knock this up I just pasted the discussion into Word, then
    exported to Mifflin. DB integration is obviously the way to do it
    properly. For instance a draft Compendium DTD for IBIS maps plus
    Compendium extensions is at

    This gives us a nice cycle from sync discussion (using dialog
    mapping), exported to the web for contrinued async discussion (web
    threads), then imported back into a dialogue map for consolidation,


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