Re: [unrev-II] Visual stimuli & IBIS methodology

From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 06:43:26 PST

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    At 09:11 AM 11/14/2001 -0500, Al wrote:
    >I studied communication in grad school in the early 80s. In that field,
    >much of the newer and promising work going on was a reaction *against* a
    >model of communication as persuasion, which had dominated the field in the
    >previous decades. Brenda Dervin, for example, contrasted a sensemaking
    >approach to the persuasion approach. For her, sensemaking is a process
    >where people confront obstacles or discontinuities in their progress
    >towards some goal; when they hit such obstacles, they cast about for ways
    >to understand their situation so that they can design effective movements
    >around, through, or away from the obstacles. It has little to do with
    >persuasion and much to do with figuring out what's going on and what to do
    >in a situation where the normal rules are upset.

    As it turns out, I read TR 74 and was somehow primed for this response,
    which also corresponds to my intuition that seeking truth or making sense
    cannot and should not involve persuasion. It is for this reason that I
    have been thinking that keeping the participants (at least in the non
    face-to-face) dialogs anonymous. I have observed a tendency to play to
    whatever opinions the "expert" (read: big cheese) has to say, while
    conducting meetings with QuestMap. It strikes me that a good facilitator
    ought to have some skills handy for deflecting the force of unwarranted karma.


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