Re: [unrev-II] Editing an arbitrary XML document

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 01:28:10 PDT

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On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Eric Armstrong wrote:

> Great thoughts, Markus.

I agree.

I also thought your presentation of the issues were great, Eric. Here are
my thoughts on the matter:

1. After thinking it over, I'm not so sure defaulting to an outline view
and allowing the simple creation of style sheets is such a bad
solution. For example, an XML document, without a defined stylesheet,
might appear like this by default:

    <p>I am
       pleased to meet you.</p>

Upon seeing this, the user could open up a stylesheet editor and choose to
display <b> as inline text, in which case the appropriate XSL stylesheet
would be created, and the editor would display the document as:

    <p>I am <b>very</b> pleased to meet you.</p>

2. For our own purposes, your proposal to standardize on a set of
inlinable elements makes a lot of sense. While it may be difficult to
create universal XML editors because of the problems you stated, we could
certainly make it very easy to create universal OHS editors.


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