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Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 13:11:49 PDT

Sounds like a topic from the Bahagavad-Gita ...

Greetings from the ether. I am the News Editor for magazines covering two of
the hottest technologies, and an amateur futurist (I love it and don't get
paid for it). Welcome to the last century of Homo Sapiens. No one leaves
this period without serious modification.

I look forward to Bootstrap news!

Malcolm Dean
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> For some strange reason, messages sent to the unrev-ii list and cc'd to
> this list don't seem to come through to this one. So for the information
> of those on this list and not on unrev-ii...
> A group of us have been getting together for several months now,
> discussing the OHS both online (on the unrev-ii egroups mailing list) and
> in person at Menlo Park. We decided to shift discussion to a separate
> mailing list, and because this one was already available, we decided to
> use this one.
> I'm not sure who's on this list -- it's been dormant for a long time --
> but if you're interested in building the OHS, and have not followed recent
> progress, please, make yourself known. Looking forward to some good
> discussion!
> -Eugene
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> +===== can have an excuse to drink alcohol." --Steve Martin

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